Best Baby Food Products in India 2024

Best Baby Food Products in India 2024

Feeding a baby can be an exciting yet daunting task for new parents. Choosing the right foods to introduce at the right time is crucial to help your little one grow healthy and strong. When it comes to buying pre-made baby food in India, there are lots of options to consider. In this article, we will explore some of the top Best Baby Food Products in India in 2024 that are nutritious, safe and easy to use.

Why Pre-made Baby Food?

Pre-made or packaged baby food can offer some advantages over making everything from scratch yourself:

  • Convenience - Pre-made pouches, jars or snacks are quick and easy for busy parents. No prep or cooking required!
  • Nutrition - Reputable brands formulate their foods to meet baby's nutritional needs and adhere to safety standards. Takes the guesswork out of balancing nutrients.
  • Variety - Pre-made foods allow you to easily introduce a wide variety of tastes and textures to help baby explore different flavors.
  • Portion Control - The packaging provides pre-measured serving sizes appropriate for baby's age and stage.
  • Travel-Ready - Pouches, small jars and snacks are handy for tossing into diaper bags to feed on-the-go.

Best Baby Food Brands in India


Aptamil is one of the most well-known and trusted baby food brands in India. It is manufactured by Danone and offers infant formulas, follow-on formulas, growing up milks, and cereals.

Some of Aptamil's popular products include:


  • Aptamil Infant Formula - Aptamil's infant formulas come in stages 1, 2, and 3 for babies from birth to 12 months. They contain essential nutrients like DHA, prebiotics, and vitamins.
  • Aptamil Follow-On Formula - Designed for babies 6 months and up, this formula helps transition them to solid foods.
  • Aptamil Growing Up Milk - Formulated for 1 to 3 year olds, this milk provides balanced nutrition.
  • Aptamil Multigrain Cereal - Features 7 grains and is easy to digest for 6 months+ babies.

Aptamil uses quality ingredients and advanced technologies to create baby food that is gentle on little tummies. Many Indian pediatricians recommend Aptamil as a reliable and safe brand.


Nestlé is another leading name in baby food in India, known for their extensive product range. Some top Nestlé baby food options include:


  • Nestlé NAN Infant Formula - Nestlé's infant formula comes in 1, 2, 3, and 4 stages to support babies' nutritional needs in the first year.
  • Nestlé CERELAC - A wide range of nutritious cereal options like wheat, rice, and multi-grain for babies 6 months and up.
  • Nestlé LACTOGEN - Designed for hungry, growing babies from 1 to 3 years with optimal protein and vitamin content.
  • Nestlé NESTUM - Multigrain cereals that are soft and easy to digest for 6+ months babies.

Nestlé has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and ensures the highest quality and hygiene standards. Their baby foods go through over 230 different quality tests!


Heinz is an internationally renowned food brand that also offers a selection of well-reputed baby foods in India. Some of their top products include:

  • Heinz Infant Cereals - Rice, wheat, and multigrain varieties for babies 6 months and up.
  • Heinz Wholesome Goodness Jars - Healthy combinations like 'apple carrot mango' and 'apple pumpkin peach' in convenient pouches.
  • Heinz Toddler Pouches - Nutritious blends of fruits, veggies, cereals, and yogurt for toddlers on-the-go.
  • Heinz Rusk - Crispy, teething-friendly biscuits to satisfy babies' nibbling urges.

Heinz baby foods contain no added preservatives or artificial flavors. They provide wholesome nutrition for babies of all ages.


Gerber is a leading baby food brand from the USA that entered the Indian market in 2019. They offer a range of products for babies and toddlers including:

  • Gerber Infant Cereals - Oatmeal, rice, whole wheat, and multigrain varieties to aid digestion.
  • Gerber Fruit & Veggie Pouches - Convenient puree pouches in innovative flavor combos.
  • Gerber Yogurt Melts - The perfect first finger food packed with real yogurt.
  • Gerber Teethers - Gentle on gums and soothing for teething babies.

Gerber follows stringent quality standards and their products are packed with nutrition for your developing baby.


Kendamil is a UK-based premium baby formula brand that is relatively new to India. However, they have fast gained popularity for their focus on natural, high-quality ingredients. Some of Kendamil's offerings include:

  • Kendamil First Infant Milk - Suitable from birth, it's modeled after breast milk.
  • Kendamil Follow-On Milk - For babies 6+ months with added iron and vitamins.
  • Kendamil Growing Up Milk - For 1-3 year olds with balanced fat, carbs and protein.
  • Kendamil Organic Porridge - Made from just 3 organic ingredients for weaning babies.

Kendamil only uses non-GM ingredients and their small-batch approach ensures exceptional quality control. If you're looking for clean, all-natural nutrition for your little one, Kendamil is an excellent choice.


Hipp is a German organic baby food brand that has also carved a niche in India. Hipp's baby food offerings include:

  • Hipp Combiotic Infant Formula - Contains prebiotics for immune and digestive health.
  • Hipp Organic Growing Up Milk - With DHA, iron, iodine and vitamins for todderls.
  • Hipp Baby Porridge - Made from just organic wholegrains for easy digestion.
  • Hipp Organic Juices - Wide range of fruit & vegetable blends.

Hipp adheres to strict organic farming principles and production methods. They never use chemical pesticides, artificial preservatives or GMO ingredients.

Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Food in India

When shopping for baby food in India, here are some helpful tips to pick the best options for your little one:

  • Read Labels - Check the ingredients list and nutrition information closely. Watch for added sugar, salt, preservatives.
  • Consider Organic - Organic products can limit pesticide exposure. Look for credible certifications on the label.
  • Know Your Baby's Needs - Select foods tailored for your baby's age and developmental stage.
  • Focus on Variety - Rotate between brands and flavors to encourage your baby to try new tastes and textures.
  • Check Prep Methods - Steaming helps retain more nutrients vs. boiling. Look for minimal processing.
  • Stick to Trusted Brands - Established brands like Nestle, Heinz, and Hipp adhere to food safety standards.
  • Don't Overbuy - Only purchase a few products at first to see if your baby likes them before stocking up.

Feeding Your Baby

When introducing solid foods, be sure to follow your pediatrician's advice on when to start solids, how much to offer and how to identify possible allergies. Go slowly with new foods and watch for reactions. With patience and care, feeding time can be a wonderful bonding experience. The best baby food products in India can pave the way for healthy development. But your love and care is the key ingredient!